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Real Estate Law

Whether you are in the market to sell or purchase a new property, the real estate transaction process can be overwhelming and complex, especially when you attempt to do it on your own. There are a lot of people or agencies that may be involved and each has its own role to play. There's also a lot of paperwork, deadlines, and legal requirements that must be met.

Law Offices of Albert Chang handles all real estate transactional matters. We have extensive experience in negotiating and drafting purchase and sale agreements, escrow instructions, deeds, bills of sale, assignments, and other documents used in the acquisition and sale of real property. We are also experienced at handling leasing transactions, including negotiating and drafting all forms of leases, subleases, assignments, options to lease, lease termination, and work letters for tenant improvements. Attorneys at Law Offices of Albert Chang make sure the process moves along seamlessly for you. 

Real estate, whether it is residential or commercial, is the single greatest asset, investment, and liability that a person or business can make. Real estate transactions, leases, and other undertakings, including the maintenance of the property, must adhere to rules, regulations, and contractual obligations. Failure to comply or unaligned interpretations of obligations can lead to disputes, and disputes can lead to litigation if not handled properly, timely, or adequately. But even then, real estate litigation in California may be inevitable to solve problems.

At Law Offices of Albert Chang, our real estate attorney can assist you with strategic, practical advice and will handle real property litigation when problems arise. However, through our representation, we aim to minimize real estate disputes so that costly litigation can be avoided. Typical real estate disputes we successfully handled: 

  • Lease and sale disputes 
  • Contractual disputes
  • Escrow matters
  • Title disputes and insurance
  • Evictions
  • Landlord and tenant matters
  • Failure to Disclose/Fraud
  • Brokers and agents
  • Listings
  • Lis Pendens​

At Law Offices of Albert Chang, we litigate when necessary and settle when it is in our clients' best interests. Real estate disputes can become costly, and so our real estate litigation lawyer uses our resources wisely to procure the best possible outcome for you.

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